Tree Service Pricing

Pricing for tree removal, tree trimming, and stump removal is determined by several factors, including: Size and scope of the job Accessibility Tree size and height Obstacles, danger-level While estimating price on stump removal is fairly straightforward, tree removal and reduction or fine pruning generally requires an on-site visit to establish the tree service quote. […]

Tree Problems and Disease

Included Bark “Included bark forms when two branches grow at sharply acute angles to one another, producing a wedge of inward-rolled bark between them (see images). Included bark prevents strong attachment of branches, often causing a crack at the point below where the branches meet. Codominant stems that are approximately the same size and arise […]

How Grandpa Did It…

George ‘Brownie” Parker began Parker Tree Service back in 1937, in Bakersfield, California. Back in those days, there were no boom trucks (“cherry pickers”) and the rigging “systems” were just good ropes and good knot-tying. Brownie’s 4 sons, Joe, Jesse, Mike, and George, became tree-climbers as well, and the family business became known for it’s […]

Deadwood Removal and Windsail Reduction

Tree¬†safety is often the last thing we think about… until something¬†bad happens. But understanding tree safety and preventing disaster is easier than you might think. We highly recommend regular maintenance to remove dead or dying tree branches. Doing to will reduce the ability of invasive insect species to nest in and destroy the tree, as […]

Alternatives: Bracing & Cabling

Sometimes tree bracing or cabling is a better option than removal. Tree bracing and cabling are techniques that are used, usually on older or larger trees, to provide structural support for safety, improved appearance, and proper future growth. Rather than removal, sometimes a leaning tree, or a leder (large branch or trunk) or large branch, […]

Aesthetics, Centering and Balancing

Centering and Balancing Our trees provide us shade, food, and wood for fuel and building. Even the oxygen we breath. On top of all that, they beautify our homes and surrounding environment. They deserve our appreciation and respect. Periodic maintenance supports the safety and aesthetic beauty of your trees, ensuring they’re around for you and […]

Zero-Impact Tree Removals

Your lawn and landscaping is safe with us! A common question we’re asked is "Will removing this tree mess up my yard?" Tree removal can be a messy business. Not only could the removed tree and its limbs damage your landscaping, tree removal equipment can also leave its mark. Parker Tree Service specializes in “zero […]


Q. What happens with a tree that is removed. A. Typically the tree and all debris is completely removed from the property. Upon customer request, we cut the branches into firewood and leave for the owner. Since the time required to cut the tree into firewood is the same as removal, we do not charge […]