Tree safety is often the last thing we think about… until something bad happens. But understanding tree safety and preventing disaster is easier than you might think. We highly recommend regular maintenance to remove dead or dying tree branches. Doing to will reduce the ability of invasive insect species to nest in and destroy the tree, as well as mitigate against dangerous “windsail” effect.

tree deadwood removalDeadwood Removal

Without proper maintenance, overgrowth occurs and deadwood can build up, causing dry rot and insect infestation. Removing this inner debris allows a clean, solid barrier of bark to protect the tree against rot, and infestation. The healthier, thinner tree becomes less susceptible to disease, and less of a fire hazard.

tree windsail reductionWindsail Reduction

The right wind, at the right time, and your favorite tree can become a serious danger. Branches within an unruly, overgrown tree can catch strong winds, causing excessive rocking and swaying. This “windsail” effect can be lessened by reducing deadwood and excessive smaller branching, minimizing movement and strain on the tree in the wind, allowing wind to pass through safely and pose less risk of catastrophic breakage.

Please allow us to give you a free tree safety consultation to discuss the safety, health, and mitigation options for your favorite trees.