Centering and Balancing

Our trees provide us shade, food, and wood for fuel and building. Even the oxygen we breath. On top of all that, they beautify our homes and surrounding environment.

They deserve our appreciation and respect. Periodic maintenance supports the safety and aesthetic beauty of your trees, ensuring they’re around for you and future generations to use and enjoy.

tree centering
Centering involves removal of the inner growth of foliage. Leaves and needles inside of a tree’s canopy do not produce as much photosynthesis as leaves and needles on the outside of the canopy. Removing inner growth improves the efficiency and health of a tree.

tree balancing
Balancing a tree, by removing or pruning branches that are overgrown or growing in an unwanted direction, not only makes them more visually appealing, it also keeps weight dispersed evenly, which reduces risk during windy or stormy weather.

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