Trimming, Fine-pruning, and Reduction

We have the skills, experience, and equipment for large scale tree trimming and reduction at your home or business, but we also do the smaller jobs.

tree trimming

Trimming and thinning a tree consists of removing excess branches and deadwood, which improves appearance and lightens heavy branches for safety, but keeps the shade.

As trees grow larger year after year, periodic maintenance is a must. Large, over-weighted branches not only cause huge tree safety issues, making them susceptible to damage from insects or severe weather.

Fine Pruning takes trimming and thinning to the next level, selectively and strategically removing wayward branches. It’s all about aesthetics and shaping & guiding the tree to grow in the right direction (such as around a home, instead of through it). Fine Pruning is an art, and mastery comes only after years of experience. It’s time-consuming, and some companies shortcut the process (watch out for low-ball tree service bids), but you definitely get what you pay for.

Reduction is a general term for reducing the size (especially the height) of a tree. The wrong way is quickly “topping” or “pollarding” the tree,tree reduction - wrong way a popular but barbaric procedure from the past, which basically entails lopping off the crown (top) of the tree. These abrupt cutting practices result in deformed shapes, and cause “finger branches” that result in a dangerous windsail effect for the tree, a breeding ground for nests of invasive insects, and included bark — all of which cause long-term defects, even death, to the tree.tree reduction -right way

The right way to reduce a tree is the strategic removal of branches, cutting multi-pronged branches back to their main laterals. The appearance of the tree becomes centered and balanced, and the safety is improved as heavy deadwood is removed and windsail effect minimized.

Since 1937 we’ve specialized in tree trimming, thinning, reduction, and fine-pruning. We take the time to understand our customers’ needs and explain all the options.