Tree stumps and above-ground roots are a nuisance and are unsightly. At only $4-6 per inch for removal, you don’t have to tolerate them.

stump grind measuring

To estimate removal cost, measure the stump width, but do so from the base of the roots that are protruding above ground, if any (see picture at right), since these must be removed as well.

needs stump grinding

Stump grinding and removal is a straightforward process. A high-powered stump grinder, about 3 feet wide, is brought in to literally grind down the stump, 8-12 inches below ground level — sometimes lower, depending on what will be done with the area.

stump grinding

Above-ground tree roots are more than unsightly, they are frequently the culprits of cracked foundations, sidewalks and driveways, and damaged underground pipes. Older homes are especially prone to tree root damage, as fine root hairs probe for moisture, find the old-style wet clay-based septic lines, and work at the leaky joints to get to the water, ultimately breaking these pipes apart.

invasive tree roots in plumbing

Even after the stump has been removed, the root system has the potential to continue to grow for years. We therefore usually recommend not only the removal of the stump and visible root system, but also application of a root-killing chemical treatment.